Parish Council

Parish councils are run by Councillors, who volunteer their time to make their community a better place. Their work falls into three main categories:

  1. Representing the local community
  2. Delivering services to meet local needs
  3. Striving to improve the quality of life in the parish

Little Birch has 5 parish councillors:

Ben Roberts (Chair)

Rose Cottage, Little Birch, HR2 8BB Tel: 01981 540100 e mail:

Janet Gwinnett

Tel: 01981 540651 e mail:

Mike Morley

Uplands, Barrack Hill, Little Birch HR2 8AZ Tel: 01981 541027 e mail:

Annette Wissler

Please contact through the clerk

Steve Naylor

Prospect Cottage, Little Birch, HR2 8BD Tel: 01981 541323 e mail:

The parish clerk is Sophie Glover

If you would like to contact the parish council, this can be done via the clerk